About mySamasati

Samasati is a term that Buddha used to encourage his disciples to remember to be aware in their daily activities. Samasati means a balanced presence, a centered awareness.

mySamasati was created by a modern-day sannyasin to remind him to bring awareness into his daily life in very simple ways. Subscribers to mySamasati receive an email every day that contains a small awareness meditation.

The homepage of mySamasati contains today's awareness experiment. It's meant to be done in the flow of your day somewhere, a few minutes here and there. And it's only an example, an inspiration. Improvise to fit the moment. The object of awareness doesn't matter. The point is awareness itself, samasati.

If I can be aware of some little thing in my life for only a moment, good. If that moment leads me to another, well, then I'll enjoy a second moment of awareness. Maybe that moment will lead me to a third ... and slowly, awareness will grow in my life. Every time I'm aware, even if it's only for a few moments, it brings a beauty, a joy, a light into my life.

You're welcome to subscribe if you like, and invite your friends as well, to spread a little light around the world.

with love, Nando